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Archival Process of WXVU shows to Anchor

Written by on February 13, 2023

Reserve the WXVU Podcast Room, we’d recommend twice a week, for this task.  Use Microsoft Bookings to reserve the podcast room:

From the WXVU Podcast Room Computer, look for the ‘Show Archives’ folder on the desktop.

This will contain three files.

  • A WXVU Podcast Intro watermark file in MP3 format
  • A shortcut to a folder that contains all raw 89 minute, 30 second audio files that contain all of WXVU’s broadcast shows from roughly within one week
  • A shortcut to a folder that contains all WXVU show logos.

Refer to this schedule grid, or the schedule on WXVU’s website, for a current listing of our shows that you’ll be responsible for loading as podcasts.

Any show that is color coded as “Other Organization” does not need to be uploaded to our podcast feed.  Likewise, any show before 10:00 AM does not have to be uploaded to our podcast feed.

All of the raw audio files in the “Raw Audio Files” folder will be timestamped in the following format:
TR20230214185930.mp3 – Where 2023 is the year, 02/14 is the date, and 18:59:30 is the end time of the recording.  All recordings are in 89:30 blocks, reflecting the assignment for WXVU’s shows.  For example, a file timestamped 18:59:30 means the show began at 17:30 in 24-hour time, or at 5:30 PM.

Editing Each File

If a times lot corresponds to when a show would be on the air, open the file in Audacity.  Remove any portion of the file prior to when the DJ(s) started their show.  Remove any portion of the file after the DJ signed off for their show and turned back on WXVU’s automation.

Insert the audio watermark at the beginning of the file.

Overwrite the existing file for that slot by using File -> Export As MP3 in Audacity.

This export process will take about 20-30 seconds.

Note:  It is possible that an episode of a show began prior to the start of the timeslot allotted, or ended after the timeslot expired.  You are not responsible for retrieving any of the show’s content prior to their allotted time, or afterward.

Uploading To Anchor

  1. After you are done adding the watermark and removing any portion of the file prior or after the show, open up Anchor in Google Chrome on the computer.  The URL to Anchor is: This should already be logged in under WXVU’s credentials.Click ‘New Episode’.  First, find the timestamped file in the ‘Raw Audio Files’ folder you want to upload for the particular show.  Select the file, and allow 3 to 4 minutes for the show to process on Anchor.  Afterward, hit ‘Save Episode’.  You’ll be prompted for a title of the episode.  This should be provided in the following format:  Name of Show – February 13, 2023
  2. Please retrieve the appropriate show description from its corresponding listing on the WXVU website show schedule: (Hover over the show in question on the particular day of the week, and click ‘Learn More’ to see the description in its entirety)
  3. Finally, scroll to the very bottom and find the ‘Upload New Episode Art’ button, and in the ‘Show Logos’ folder in ‘Show Archives’, find the appropriate logo for the show.  A list of the shows that we have logos for can be accessed here:

Things To Be Aware Of

  • If a DJ cancels for a show, you are not responsible for uploading the timeslot.  We will notify you when this is the case (if we receive advance notice).
  • Be advised of WXVU’s sports game broadcast schedule, which will supercede regular shows.  A policy is being formed separately for uploading sports game broadcasts.  You are not responsible for uploading sports games at this time.  Sports game schedule:
  • When you are done with a day’s files, please delete the files from the ‘Raw Audio Files’ folder.