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The Morning Roar

On this week’s episode, we first broke the news that Allison is the recipient of a Fulbright award for an English Teaching Assistantship in Greece this Fall. Congratulations, Allison! Inspired by Reddit users once again, the crew talked about everyday items that are basically useless and their behavior after enduring a sudden episode of pain. […]

The crew delivered another action packed episode of the Morning Roar. We had a juicy Twitter poll question, asking you which host’s saga you found most compelling? Allison went into details of her efforts as WXVU Station Manager to get the station played in the Connelly Center! The crew also discussed silly things they believed […]

On St. Patrick’s Day 2023, it was a Morning Roar to remember! Chris, Allison, David & Dom honored Deena Leh, our beloved WXVU staff advisor and Villanova’s Assistant Director of Media Programs. It was Deena’s last day at Villanova, as she moves on to a wonderful opportunity in multimedia at the Community College of Philadelphia. […]

On the last episode of the Morning Roar before Spring Break, Chris, Allison, David, and Dom tackled the tough questions, such as whether life is worth living after age 75? In our Twitter poll question, we analyzed the best things about the month of March. Our very special in-studio guests were Kaleigh Brendle and Ryan […]

On this week’s Morning Roar, we welcomed Ethan Silva for his Morning Roar on-air debut!  Allison, David, Dom, and Ethan discussed Villanova undergraduate students’ transition to the Microsoft 365 platform from Google and if there were lingering challenges.  The crew also discussed how long it takes to realize if you’re a fan of a song […]

On this week’s Morning Roar, the crew of Chris, Allison, David, and Dom, discussed the latest on the incident Tuesday Night on the R-100 SEPTA train that stopped at Aldwyn Lane near the Villanova Commons and led to an armed suspect fleeing and a shelter in place being issued. Student safety was one of the […]

On this edition of the Morning Roar, Chris, David, Allison and Dom reflected on their plans for Valentine’s Day next week.  David contends – shouldn’t EVERY day be Valentine’s Day?  And what’s the deal with Sweetest Day for you midwest folks? In our Twitter poll question, we asked what you look forward to most watching […]

Chris, David, Allison, and Dom gathered the day after Groundhog Day and asked the question – how can there be 6 more weeks of winter when it really hasn’t started yet? There have been some changes to Villanova’s Dining Service offerings this semester – are we in favor? Plus – the next edition of the […]

Chris, David, Allison, and Dom returned for the last Friday in January to weigh in on the AI tool that is taking college classrooms by storm, ChatGPT.  What has the response been at Villanova?  The crew discusses. What if you had 4 extra hours in your day?  Clean?  Sleep?  We discuss. Our Twitter poll question […]

The crew of Chris, David, Allison, and Dom returned for the first show of Villanova’s Spring 2023 academic semester! At 8:30, we were honored to be joined by Dr. Alicia Strandberg of the Villanova School of Business.  Dr. Strandberg is the director of VU Women In Tech, and the crew discussed the upcoming VU Women […]