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Deadhead Heaven: Splintered Sunlight at Ardmore Music Hall

Written by on February 19, 2024

Absolutely electric.

Splintered Sunlight’s performance was nothing less than spine-tingling at Ardmore Music Hall this past Friday, February 2nd. Even before the concert began, the energy in the hall was infectious. Members of the deadhead community, young and old, were sporting colorful teddy bear t-shirts and beaming with excitement all around. It felt that if you tried hard enough, you could reach out and grasp the anticipation in the air, as if it was something tangible.

Even before the show began, the venue had so much to offer. With food and drinks on the menu, the Tofu Banh Mi and Chicken Parm Sandwich were definitely WXVU favorites. Both flavorful and fulfilling, the high caliber of food at Ardmore prepared us well for the nearly two and a half hour show that would follow.

Playing over twenty songs in their set throughout the night, Splintered Sunlight’s lead guitarist Butch Sochorow definitely stole the show. As a Grateful Dead revival band, it is essential to have a Jerry Garcia and that is exactly who Sochorow embodied. Taking the lead solos on hits like Bertha, Let The Good Times Roll, Truckin’ and Fire on the Mountain, Sochorow’s musical presence and pure skill lit up the stage that night.

If you’re wondering about the band’s unique name, Splintered Sunlight is named after the line “Walk into splintered sunlight” from the Grateful Dead song Box of Rain on the 1970 American Beauty Album. They are a true revival band who pays tribute to their idols both by name and musical skill.

To put it frankly, if you’re not already listening to The Grateful Dead, you should. And, if you’re looking for a fun night out, with great music and a welcoming venue, Splintered Sunlight at Ardmore Music Hall is for you.

Get ready to be transported back to the twentieth century and let the good times roll.

MK Coolican / WXVU 89.1 The Roar / Music Director / Villanova University