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Indie Music, Mangos, and More at MilkBoy: Concert Review

Written by on January 27, 2024

Nestled in the heart of Philadelphia, PA, MilkBoy is more than just a venue; it encompasses the essence of live music, a busy bar, and the comforting allure of pub grub. Adored by music enthusiasts, the intimate setting and electric ambiance make MilkBoy a beloved destination. On January 25, 2024, Teal Peel, Mega Mango, and Early Eyes took on MilkBoy and left a lasting impression.

Teal Peel – Jacksonville, FL – Indie Folk

Kicking off the night, Teal Peel from Jacksonville, FL took the stage. With Brian Lester on drums, Caleb Hollan on guitar, Daniel Hubert on bass, Landon Gay on pedal steel, and Taylor Paul Neal, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, their performance was nothing short of a vibe. Most of their songs evoke the kind of melodies you crave on a rainy Monday, mellow and soothing.

Teal Peel’s repertoire, ranging from the beachy vibes of “Sandy” to the environmental contemplation in “Fruit Flies” and the nuanced narrative of “Mr. Yellow Tugboat,” showcased their skill in crafting lyrics. One song that particularly stood out was “Smello Coffee.” When Taylor sang “The smell of coffee in the morning makes me get up quicker to see your smile,” it resonated deeply. It reminded me that love finds its way in the simplest of places.

Mega Mango – Philadelphia, PA – Indie Pop

Mega Mango playing their first EP “You Spent All Your Love.” Photo by Bella Cipresso.

Next up was Mega Mango, an indie-pop band born in Philly. With Niko Jones on bass, Alex on guitar, Sam on drums, and Crow Costello, vocalist and guitarist, they brought down the house. Their music carries a nostalgic weight, one that reminds me of an early 2000s rom-com. It’s the kind of hipster band I imagine plays at the prom when the main characters share their first kiss… And boy, do I love a good rom-com.

The set opened with “Space Kids,” a tune that’s been stuck in my head ever since. Tracks like “Blurt,” “Undone,” and “Boggle” were absolute bops, and “Risk” was a definite crowd-pleaser. They also treated the audience to a yet-to-be-released song called “On the Line,” and the lyric “I don’t want to hold my breath, what’s the worst that could happen?” struck a chord.

What’s the worst that could happen? The worst that could happen is this band not making the most of their remarkable talent! The captivating guitar solo from Alex in “Clue” and the mesmerizing vocals from Crow in “You Spent All Your Love” were only glimpses of the potential this band has.

Absolutely no doubt about it, Mega Mango was the highlight of my night, and their music has been on replay ever since. Their performance brought an incredibly lively and spunky vibe to the stage. The band’s go-to crowd line, “How the heck are we?” added a personal touch for the audience, and let’s not forget about the finale – they literally finished their set by crashing to the floor. Needless to say, Mega Mango crushed their hometown gig, and they have a new fan – me.

Early Eyes – Minneapolis, Minnesota – Indie Rock

Closing the night, Early Eyes from Minneapolis, MN rocked the MilkBoy stage. With John Lindquist on drums, Joe Villano on guitar, John O’Brien on guitar, and Ren Berglove, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, their act was pure rock. Early Eyes played songs that would take my mom down memory lane, reminiscent of the head-bopping concerts she attended in the ‘70s. It’s not the type of music I typically gravitate toward, but I can always appreciate a good show.

Early Eyes playing their new song “We Used to Run Away.” Photo by Bella Cipresso.

Much of their set was a preview of their upcoming album, with the guitarist playfully saying, “I hope you like it, I guess.” Songs like “We Used to Run Away,” “Footsteps,” and the lead singer’s favorite “Sleeping with the Lights on Low,” were all crowd-pleasers.

The show unexpectedly turned when the lead singer’s mic died mid-performance. The impromptu battery change and short break only added to the authenticity of the gig. They also gave a shoutout to the city, saying that they infuse their music with what they call “Philly stuff.” This added a sweet layer of sentiment to the concert’s end.

From Teal Peel’s soulful melodies and Mega Mango’s vibrant nostalgia to Early Eyes’ punk rock energy, the concert at MilkBoy on January 25th was nothing short of awesome. This night, adorned with indie, folk, pop, and rock, marked a fantastic beginning to my music blogging journey with The Roar.

I’ve created a Spotify playlist with all my favorite songs from the concert! Listen here.