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WXVU Sports Pre and Post-Game Host Hometown: Yardley, PA Class Year:  2026 Major: Business Favorite music genre:  Rap/Hip-Hop Favorite food:  Tacos All-time favorite movie:  WALL-E What brought you to WXVU? Did sports broadcasting in high school Unusual Fact About Myself: I have a 2008 Phillies World Series baseball signed by the whole team.

SAM BRIGGS CREATIVE ASSISTANT Hometown:  Havertown, PA Class Year:  Freshman Major:  Creative Writing Favorite music genre:  Classic Rock, 80s pop Favorite food:  Popcorn, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, Grilled Chicken Salad All-time favorite movie:  Spirited Away What brought you to WXVU? I would love to get into voice acting for commercial and cartoons on TV, also I love music and […]

WXVU Production Assistant Hometown:  West Chester, PA Class Year: Sophomore Major: Psychology Favorite music genre: tie between indie-electronica and post-punk Favorite food:  Tacos All-time favorite movie: I’m a proud Saw (the first one) defender What brought you to WXVU? I’ve always been very passionate about music and production work. It’s also been really cool to […]

DEENA LEH WXVU STUDENT ADVISOR The best.  Simply needs no introduction.