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Morning Roar Controls Checklist

Written by on February 22, 2023

  1. Bring up YouTube and click “Go Live” to start the live stream, maybe about 5 minutes before the show begins.
  2. Try the best you can to start the show right at 8:00 AM, after the WXVU Legal ID (Allison’s voice: “Villanova University’s WXVU Villanova…”) plays in automation to start the hour.  If this Legal ID for some reason plays early (i.e. 7:58), play a couple PSAs in the Sports Sounds Pro first to fill time.  NOTE:  Automation stops automatically after the 8 AM Legal ID.  As such, dead air will commence if nothing happens!
  3. To start the show, play the Intro Bed in Sports Sounds Pro as shown:

When David begins talking, you’ll want to adjust the volume level on Sports Sounds Pro so the background bed is at a comfortable, lower level.

For the other beds, such as the News Background, the Birthday Instrumental, the Mind Bender Music, and the Sports Music, do the same.  There is also a “More Beds!!” page that contains the Bed for the Movie Segment (Dom’s favorite).

4. When you are ready to take one of the three show breaks, just click ‘Automate’ and the automation will kick in.  The breaks last anywhere between a minute and two minutes or so.  Once intro music starts playing for the next segment (indicated as Intro Music in the automation), wait about 5-10 seconds or when there seems to be a natural “post”, and then start talking.  You can also bring down the Computer level on the sound board to talk over the music and make it lower.  Just remember to turn back up the Computer level when you are done!