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Morning Roar – February 10, 2023

Written by on February 10, 2023

On this edition of the Morning Roar, Chris, David, Allison and Dom reflected on their plans for Valentine’s Day next week.  David contends – shouldn’t EVERY day be Valentine’s Day?  And what’s the deal with Sweetest Day for you midwest folks?

In our Twitter poll question, we asked what you look forward to most watching in the Super Bowl.  (Spoiler: The Eagles are in it this year – it’s the game itself!)

We continue to refine our Morning Roar Mind Bender segment, where Dom took a commanding lead over David, thanks to a lifeline from Allison!

We welcomed Tiane Parris from the Office of Intercultural Affairs as our very special in-studio guest!  Tiane talked about some of the events going on for Black History Month that the Office of Intercultural Affairs is involved with.  Tiane is also co-director of a wonderful social documentary concerning underprivileged women in Western Kenya, and she spoke with us about the experience.

Finally – we sang the Eagles’ fight song, this time with feeling!  And the crew went on the record with their Super Bowl predictions.  Enjoy the game!