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Philadelphia Cat Extravaganza!

Written by on December 26, 2022

A showstopping trio of kittens available for adoption at the Philadelphia Cat Extravaganza.

On December 17th and 18th, the Philadelphia Cat Extravaganza kicked off at the Philly Expo Center. The event was hosted by Loving Cats Worldwide (LCWW). Among the many cat lovers who attended were WXVU Radio’s Allison Bajada and Ryan Dery, who were excited to visit some cool kitties and report on the event. As we entered the convention center, we were greeted by dozens of meows and the buzz of excited cat lovers. There were cats of all shapes and sizes, purebreds and mixed breeds, young and old, rescue cats and experienced show cats. “I keep having to tell myself that four cats are already too many,” one woman commented to a friend as they admired the cats for adoption.

WXVU Business Director Ryan Dery with Jackie and Jasmine, two cats currently living in foster care and seeking permanent adoptive homes.

At the front of the hall, several organizations were gathered with cats of all breeds and ages who were available for adoption or purchase. We had to restrain ourselves from rescuing a cat, but found ourselves applauding every fifteen minutes as a bell rang to signal that a cat had been adopted. This gorgeous trio of kittens – two orange tabbies and one calico – were centers of attention, and we watched as their mother was adopted!

Along the aisles of the hall, vendors set up tables where they sold everything from cat harnesses and leashes to custom pet portraits to cat-themed mugs, stickers, sweaters, t-shirts, and jewelry. At the center of the event, there were several judging rings set up for the cat show. Each show had a line-up of cats who were judged based on breed-specific criteria. Charismatic breeders brought out their winning cats and put them on display, sharing facts about the breed and how each cat exemplifies the breed’s unique characteristics, like the signature floppy ears on a Scottish fold and the iconic wavy coat on a Devon rex. The handlers explained that judges seek out exemplary instances of these breed-specific traits, leading to the cats earning the title of “best in show”.

In the Kitty Corner, we got a lesson on the trap, neuter, return (TNR) process, designed to save the lives of community cat populations. Feral and stray cats are trapped and taken to the vet, where they are fixed, vaccinated for rabies, and eartipped (to signal that they have already undergone the TNR process) before being returned to their communities. The trapper then provides food and shelter to support the colony. Kittens and friendly adults are later removed for adoption. The TNR process is vital to both feral cat populations and animals that are preyed on by feral cats. It helps to keep feral and stray cats healthy and reduces their population by preventing them from breeding. It also protects animals – such as birds – that typically fall prey to feral cats. The session at the Kitty Corner was interesting and informative; we’re now prepared to help the stray cats that roam Villanova’s campus!

A lesson on TNR at the Kitty Corner.

The Philadelphia Cat Extravaganza was a great event that united hundreds of cat lovers. We were thrilled to see adoptable cats finding new homes and small local businesses being supported. It was fascinating to view an international cat competition and learn about what professional breeders and judges seek from their cats. We thank LCWW for the opportunity to attend this event and get up close and furr-sonal with some amazing felines! 

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