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Recording a show liner in the podcast room – guide

Written by on September 13, 2022

  1.  Ensure that the black RODE console on the desk is turned ON.  You will not get microphone audio without it:

2.  Open up Audacity on the computer.

3.  Make sure that the drop-down menu next to the Microphone icon is set to “Microphone – RodeCASTER”.

4.  Click the button with the red-circle to begin recording.  Speak reasonably close to the microphone and make sure you can “see” your voice in the waveform.

5.  Follow the general script for your show liner, where you identify your name, the show name, a very brief description of the show, and the day and time it airs:”

“Hey Villanova, this is Tony Romo, and I host Awesome 80s, the very best in 80s music.  You can hear it every Friday at 7:00 PM, on V Eighty-Nine-One, The Roar, streaming everywhere on the RadioFX app.”

Note, if you have a co-host, try to gather them in the podcast room and do the liner together!

5.  Stop the recording when you are finished (try to do one session per liner request).  To save the recording, click File, Export, Export As MP3, and save to the “Show Liners” folder in the ‘WXVU Audio’ folder on the Desktop of the computer.  Save the file name as your show name.