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  • Just learned about your new FCC License – Congratulations!  Listening live in Frisco, TX from your fine website – YOU ROCK!
    John Dinneen VU \’71 – worked at WWVU/WKVU 1967-1971
  • Came across WXVU and enjoying your station and offerings. My son’s a student up there and told him I listen in. – Kent Dickey
  • 27 years after being a sports commentator for this station, I stumbled across it again this evening in my car. Love the smooth jazz format and hope it continues. – Scott Reidenbach (‘93)
  • Am writing you to express how much I have enjoyed your Jazz Format over the last 5+ months.
    I have lived in the Villanova area the last 25 years. Have gotten my jazz from WRTI and contributed to them, but I missed the more melodic, smooth variety. I listen to you quite a bit more than WRTI at this point.
  • Temporarily in the area (Mainline) and listened this past summer while driving (FM). Recently started listening via the internet.
    Keep up the great work and music! Love Shakatak!