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The Morning Roar

The Morning Roar

Every Friday at 8 AM for one full hour

It’s the first morning show in the history of WXVU! Every Friday, we bring you the latest news, weather, sports and headlines, for Villanova and beyond. Chris, David, and the crew, keep you entertained, with conversation, polls, and interviews with Villanova community members.

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Philadelphia Music Coordinator Hometown: Mount Kisco, NY Class Year:  Senior Major:  Communications WXVU show:  Perfect Stranger Favorite music genre:  Classic Rock Favorite food:  Softserve Chocolate Ice Cream All-time favorite movie:  Elf What brought you to WXVU? All the incredible opportunities ​Unusual fact about yourself: My right pinky looks like the cartoon character Gumbo

Website Sports Editor Hometown: Philadelphia, PA Class Year:  Freshman Major: Communication Favorite music genre:  Country/Pop Favorite food:  Cheesesteak Egg Rolls All-time favorite movie: Little Big League What brought you to WXVU? Throughout high school, I broadcasted a variety of sports. In September, I attended the involvement fair on campus and had a conversation with Nick Langan […]

Promotions Director Hometown:  Bethlehem, PA Class Year:  Sophomore  Major: Finance and Management Information Systems WXVU show: RnB: Reviving Nova’s Beats Favorite music genre:  RnB Favorite food:  Gyros All-time favorite movie:  Hitman’s Bodyguard What brought you to WXVU? I love music and I thought joining WXVU would be a great way to step out of my comfort […]

GABRIELLA RAFUL NEWS DIRECTOR Hometown:  Montville, NJ Class Year:  Sophomore Major:  Communications WXVU show:  Boots & Daisy Dukes | IG: @boots.daisydukes | Favorite music genre:  Country Favorite food:  Stuffed Shells All-time favorite movie:  High School Musical What brought you to WXVU? I have always had a passion for country music as well as public speaking and entertainment. I thought having my […]

MUSIC DIRECTOR Hometown:  Frankfort, IL Class Year:  Junior Major:  Political Science and Criminology WXVU show:  Route 30 Rock Favorite music genre:  Classic Rock Favorite food:  Deep Dish Pizza All-time favorite movie:  Shawshank Redemption What brought you to WXVU? I have loved public speaking and entertaining others all my life. WXVU is one more way that I can […]

General Manager Hometown:  New York City Class Year:  Senior Major:  Psychology and Philosophy WXVU show:  Please Tune In! Favorite music genre:  Pop Punk (and whatever Weezer counts as) Favorite food:  Ftira! (It’s a traditional Maltese dish that’s pizza-like) All-time favorite movie:  The Grand Budapest Hotel What brought you to WXVU? I love both public speaking and music, […]