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The Roar at Athens College Elementary!

Written by on April 4, 2024

Howdy, WXVU! I’m Allison, a recent graduate of Villanova and a current Fulbright ETA in Athens, Greece. I was heavily involved with WXVU in my undergraduate years as host of Please Tune In! and The Morning Roar, and was fortunate enough to serve as Station Manager from 2021 – 2023. As a Fulbright Fellow working at Athens College, I have maintained a relationship with The Roar and fostered a collaboration between the organizations through a year-long radio project I have developed and taught for Grade 5. Over the course of this academic year, I have met with all eleven Grade 5 sections for five sessions of this project to teach them about broadcast radio and record exciting educational content for WXVU.

Students began by learning about the development of the radio, its historical significance, and the Golden Age of Radio in the United States. Classes worked in teams to create a timeline using pictures of radios throughout the decades, after which we described how radios have changed and remained the same over time. We discussed the infamous War of the Worlds broadcast, wrote our very own spooky radio dramas, and shared them with each other “on air”.

Welcome to Athens College Radio, 92.5!


A timeline (pieced together by students) showing radios from past to present. 


Three students sharing their scary radio drama “on air!”


Presentation for session 1

In the second session, students fortified the public speaking skills necessary to be great on-air hosts. We discussed the importance of preparation and practice before going over tips for strong public speaking: enunciating, speaking at the right speed and volume, using the right tone, and exercising good posture. We incorporated fun exercises like trying tongue twisters and testing our breath control to prepare for our upcoming recording session.

Having some fun with tongue twisters!


Students learning tips to be strong on-air speakers!


Presentation for session 2

After splitting each class into teams, I wrote unique scripts for each of 39 teams. These scripts cover topics students are already familiar with – Greek history, customs and traditions, and historical figures – but allow the students to exercise their English comprehension and speaking skills. In our third session, I distributed the scripts to the groups. We practiced reading the scripts in teams and looked up any words we didn’t know to improve our dictionary skills.

Finally, the time had come to record. Using Athens College’s equipment, we recorded 39 Greek Culture Minutes, all of which are available below! These “minutes” fall into four categories: Greek customs and traditions, Greek holidays, Greek historical figures, and Greek history. Please join us in celebrating all the hard work the fifth graders have put in this year to complete the radio project!

Greek Customs and Traditions:

Christmas Boats

Christmas Desserts


Cutting of the Vasilopita


Throwing a Pomegranate



Unique Easter Traditions

Name Days



Greek Holidays:

Feast of the Epiphany

Feast of the Three Holy Hierarchs

Greek Independence Day

Clean Monday

Holy Week

Ohi Day


Greek Historical Figures:








Theodoros Kolokotronis

Eleftherios Venizelos

 Sofia Daskalaki

Maria Svolou

Alexandros Papadiamantis

Pavlos Melas

Maria Callas 

Melina Mercouri


Greek History:




Olympic Games


The Trojan War

Coin Currency  


Student Reflection: One class of students reflects on what they learned from the radio project and on their favorite part of the project.