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Written by on April 4, 2023

By: Gabriella Raful

April is Earth Month, a time to raise environmental awareness worldwide. In Pennsylvania, a nonpartisan group called Science Moms wants families to know about new rebates and tax credits through landmark federal clean-energy laws. University of Arizona professor Joellen Russell co-founded Science Moms and says making the switch to clean energy is more affordable. But many people still aren’t aware of the tools at their disposal, or the reasons for making the switch. She says they are educating parents on the risks of dirty energy and the everyday actions they can take to keep their little ones safe.

“And we’re trying to talk to our fellow moms about the opportunity here with the federal Clean Energy laws to do everything from get a heat pump for your house to, for less money, switching out those nasty belching school buses for clean electric buses, and get federal dollars to help make that switch.”

In the meantime, the Philadelphia public school district purchased its first five electric school buses in 2022 and are planning on expanding its fleet in 2023 to reduce its carbon footprint.

In other news, a PECO project to restore roadways as part of upgrading utility lines began on Monday, April 3rd, and will continue until Friday, April 14th. Motorists are asked to provide extra time due to traffic delay during the repaving project. Advanced warning signage will be in place leading up to and including the work zone. There will not be any road closures before 9 a.m. School buses, emergency services and residents will have access.