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WXVU Phone System Instruction

To put a caller on the 610-519-7202 WXVU studio line:

  1. Receive phone call (NOTE – the phone will ring in the studio!)

  1. Upon picking up the phone, Line 1 light should illuminate. The line is now active.

  1. Brief caller on WXVU’s Obscenity Policy. They’re not ready to be put on the air!

  1. Press the 7202 button on the black box next to the phone. This tells the phone not to drop the call upon hanging up and allows you to talk to the caller on the air. You can now replace the phone on the base. The Line 1 light should remain illuminated.

The phone audio is controlled by the ‘Phone’ pot on the sound board.  Raise it like you would for a microphone or the computer.  As soon as the level is raised and the pot is turned on, the caller should be able to hear you and vice versa!



5. When you are finished with the call, press the ‘DROP’ button on the black box (you may have to hold it, it’s definitely finicky).  You’ll know you succeeded when the red and yellow lights above the 7202 button turns off.