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WXVU Show Operations Checklist

Written by on August 28, 2022

Identifying the station

  • Once per hour, WXVU’s Legal ID, which is “WXVU Villanova”, MUST be mentioned for us to fulfill FCC requirements.  We suggest you play the recorded Legal ID from the software on the studio computer somewhere around the “top of the hour”, which, for example, if your show began at 2:30 PM, means you’d play the Legal ID around 3:00 PM.
  • At all other times, please identify the station as “V Eighty-Nine One, The Roar!”



DJ responsibilities

  • Play or read the “Legal ID” (WXVU Villanova) at the top of the hour (play from the Sports Sounds Pro software on the studio PC).
  • Read ONE white card announcement at :15 (i.e. 4:15) and :45 (i.e. 4:45) after the hour.  The white cards should always be left open as a Google Doc on the studio PC.
  • Play a PSA at :30 after the hour (play from the new Sports Sounds Pro software on the studio PC).
  • Play a Promo at the top of the hour (play from the new Sports Sounds Pro software on the studio PC).
  • This is not mandatory, but we’d also love it if you played the WXVU Weather Forecast at the top of the hour (use the daytime file if it is before 4:00 PM, use the nighttime file if it is after 4:00 PM) (play from the new Sports Sounds Pro software on the studio PC).
  • Non-station members are not permitted in the station without a WXVU DJ or approval from the General Manager. 
  • Monitoring the station to prevent theft. 
  • Cleaning up the studio and any trash you left behind before you leave.

Music and show content

The hosts and content aired on every WXVU show must follow FCC rules and regulations.  This includes but is not limited to:

  • Profanity
    • If there is any question about a lyric in a song, it’s probably best not to play it on your show.  Remember that you are representing WXVU and Villanova University at all times.
  • Obscene or Indecent Material 
    • The broadcast of obscene or indecent material is prohibited by law. 
  • Call to Action 
    • As a noncommercial station, WXVU cannot call anyone to action.  This includes directing listeners to buy a certain product, visit a certain event, support a certain cause, etc.  You cannot say “buy this record!” or “go to this show!”  The exception is for non-profit events.  The same goes for political discussions.  It is best to avoid anything that may be construed as a call to action.

Transition from automation to your show

  • First, turn off automation on the studio computer in the StationPlaylist software.  Press the yellow automation button in our StationPlaylist Studio software on the studio computer.
  • Turning off automation will mean that the computer will stop playing from the automation AFTER the currently playing song or element is over.
  • To make a better listening experience, we ask you do not stop the song that is playing in automation mid-way to begin your show.  Let the song complete.
  • If your show begins at 4:00, and the song that is playing ends at 3:58, it is fine to begin your show early.
  • Once the song is over, play the Legal ID that is available in the player on the desktop.  Then, turn on the mic and introduce your show.  Make sure to introduce both the name of your show, all of the hosts of your show, and that you are on V 89-1, The Roar!

Before you leave…

  • Make sure automation is turned back on!  The only way to ensure this is to click the Automation button in StationPlaylist and ensure it is Yellow, as shown:
  • Make sure the Computer ‘Pot’ on the mixer is turned ON and the level is up on the sound board!