A look into the History of WXVU
• Began in 1947 as WKVU 640AM.
• We were a closed circuit radio station & could
only be listened to on-campus.
• From March 12 - 16, 1975,
personality “Ego Ed”
(Ed Gallagher) ran a
100 hour radio marathon
to raise money for children
with muscular dystrophy.
• Lasted 104 hours and 19
• Raised $1,650.
Letter promoting Ego Ed’s radio marathon
Old-fashioned PSAs
round WKVU in the 70’s͙
Joel Denver from 560AM WFIL
“Banana Joe” from 560 M WFIL
White card for Suzy-Jo’s Donuts
• Tom Kelly, Oct. 31st - November 5th, 1978 aimed to
break Ed Gallagher’s radio marathon record.
• Raised: $4,000 - for 120 hours.
• Broke American College broadcasting record.
WXVU-FM went on the air in 1991 when the Federal
Communications Commission (FCC) granted an
educational license to Villanova University. Previously
the station operated on carrier current, and could
only be heard in selected buildings on campus. In
1992, the university constructed brand new studios
in Dougherty Hall, which allowed us to convert to FM
stereo and upgrade the equipment.
From the 1970’s to the present͙
Top 30 Chart: 1975
Top 30 Chart: 2006
Executive Board͙
Inside WXVU 89.1FM
The lobby
Favorite records
The hallway
Our sticker wall
Main room
Past WXVU Events
Day of Service ‘06 - Camden, NJ
STRIDES - Live Broadcast 2006
Info. Booth for Incoming Students ‘05
Prepping for Say Hi To Your Mom
Past Shows & Interviews
Say Hi To Your Mom
Kite Operations
The Capes
Wonderful Smith
Apollo Sunshine & The Sunday Mail
The End.